WITHOUT accrual

“What is yours is yours, and what is mine is mine”

Each spouse has his/her own separate assets and liabilities before, during and after the marriage.




  • Each spouse is only liable for his/her own debt during the marriage.
  • You will not need the written consent of your spouse to enter into any legal contract.
  • If one spouse is sequestrated, only that spouse’s assets are sold to pay his/her debt.
  • In the event of divorce or death, you will have NO CLAIM against the estate of your ex-spouse due to being married to him/her, even if you have contributed to the growth in the estate of your ex-spouse.
  • If you want your spouse to benefit from your estate at your death, you must state that in your WILL.
  • You may consider getting married WITHOUT the accrual system, if you will not be financial dependent on each other, each has his/her own established estate and you will not be contributing, directly or indirectly, to the growth of the each other’s estate during the marriage.